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Address: Grey County Road 124, Singhampton


Our Story

Mylar and Loreta’s has been serving the Singhampton community and surrounding area for more than 35 years. Opened in 1985 by Sandra Hamilton, she transformed the Hampton House as it was then known, into the dining establishment it is today. The historic building, built in the 1850’s, has had many lives. A hotel stage coach, a grocery store, a lumber and farm supply store, private residence to finally becoming a restaurant.

Sandra’s story began at a local auction. When the Hampton House came up for sale, it was her youngest child, Spencer’s, accidental bid that caught the auctioneer’s attention. For years, Sandra would regale others with the story of that day, and how Spencer placed the winning bid. In ‘the mouths of babes’, it was only right that she honour that bid. Years later, Spencer also became her partner in the restaurant.

A romanticist and poet at heart, Sandy was a spiritual person who created the legend of Mylar and Loreta, long lost lovers whose spirits have inhabited the building and many believe still do to this day.

The Legend of Mylar and Loreta

T’was 100 years ago or so that Mylar left his home
To find his fame and fortune, in the new land he would roam His journey was a long one. But finally he found
A home here in Singhampton, with good friends all around

He talked of a fair lady, the finest in his land
And when the time was ready he wrote home for her hand Loreta’s heart was bursting, her stately ship set sail
The sky was bright, the sea was calm, no thought of stormy gale

Then came that night of terror when her ship went down at sea Her soul released to heaven, her spirit was set free
Some say she came to Mylar’s it is di
fficult to know
His love for her kept growing. He could never let her go

Now as you sit and dine today and enjoy our country inn Feel the power of their special love that lingers from within.

Today, Spencer now runs the restaurant in his mother’s honour after passing away from cancer in 2018.